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Welcome to the EverTheNomad blog! My name is Anja. I'm a New York-based travel writer who also takes an occasional good photo. Whether I'm traveling through the back roads of some faraway country or sitting in my Brooklyn apartment on a rainy night, this is where I share my thoughts and impressions.

Global Glimpses: Luanda, Angola

In February 2010 I visited Angola, my husband’s homeland. On my first morning in Luanda, we headed out to Tunga N’go market, in the run-down but real-life neighborhood of Rangel. The market offered a glimpse into another world. The woman … Continue reading

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The double edge of travel

A few days ago, my husband posted the following photograph that I took on our trip to Angola on his Facebook page. The title he gave it was: Hope. For me, the photograph brought back lovely memories of a beautiful … Continue reading

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Scenes from Angola

In February this year, I went to Angola for the first time to visit my partner’s home country. We spent ten days exploring this incredible southern African land, all the way from the coastal capital of Luanda to the provincial … Continue reading

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The markets of Angola

I’ve wandered many markets of the world – strolled through the souks of Morocco, roamed the rickety stalls of Phnom Penh’s Russian Market and shopped for talismans at the Witches’ Market in Bolivia’s La Paz. Each one has its own … Continue reading

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Smiling faces of Angola

I’ve returned from South Africa this morning, after a 20-day journey around Africa. Both portions of the trip – Angola and South Africa – were equally intense, in different ways. It will take some time to sort out the experiences … Continue reading

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