My latest, a story about Zagreb's coolest neighborhood for The New York Times


Posted by anja | March 29, 2013

  In winter 2007, I joined a friend who was researching a guidebook to Jamaica for a two-week exploration of the island. I loved (and hated) many things about Jamaica...

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Posted by anja | December 29, 2009

Today is a clear sunny day in New York but, as we say in Croatian, the sun has teeth. Translated, this means: it is freezing cold! I sit ensconced in...

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Posted by anja | September 25, 2009

In this week's guest post, we join Kaci Hamilton of Write Around the World on a fun food spin of her beloved Jamaica. Born and raised on the island, Kaci...

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Posted by anja | November 17, 2008

While researching and writing an article about Jamaica for a travel mag, I've been flooded with memories of my last year's visit to the island. I just looked through my...

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