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Coffee with YU

Coffee with YU

My quest for a lost country

On the twentieth anniversary of Yugoslavia’s demise, in fall 2011, I set out from New York to charter my former country. Drinking coffee together was the ultimate social ritual in Yugoslavia so I spent six weeks traveling around its former republics, now independent countries, meeting people for coffee and recording our conversations. The six-week trip involved six countries, 23 long-distance bus and train rides, 18 border crossings and some 80 coffee dates with sundry characters. It was meant to be a book. Perhaps it will become a book. For now, it will live here, in the bits and pieces I have decided to share with the world.

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Posted by anja | 09 February 2017| Coffee with YU

I come from a country that no longer exists. Yugoslavia collapsed in a vicious war that raged through much of the 1990s, while the world shrunk around me as a teenager. As the war unfolded, it felt as if the ceiling was a few feet above my head and once I grew the few feet...

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