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The Hub: human rights

Some time ago I did a voiceover for Witness, “an international human rights organization that uses video and online technologies to open the eyes of the world to human rights violations”. So I dedicate this posting to their amazing and inspiring work.

Their videos feature a wide and global spectrum of critical issues, from people living with HIV/AIDS in the Democratic Republic of Congo to the impact of war in the mountains of Chechnya and contemporary slavery in rural Brazil. Not happy themes and light-hearted comedies one may be tempted to watch before falling asleep but these videos are urgent and essential calls to action for a variety of human rights campaigns. In December 2007, Witness launched The Hub, an interactive community for human rights where you can upload videos, audio or photos, or just watch, comment and share. Through the Hub, many stories are getting the global attention that they need in order to mobilize action and raise awareness. On the scroll-down menu, you can pair up a human rights issue with a country. So try child soldiers with Rwanda, police brutality with Egypt, or juvenile justice with United States. Or simply choose *global* from the drop-down menu of countries and you’re in for plenty of material. That in itself is a sad thing so kudos to Witness for bringing The Hub into this world.

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