"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page"
- St.Augustine


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  • Porto's Passion for Architecture
    SkyLife, June 2016
    In Porto, the birthplace of two Pritzker Prize winners, the palpable passion for
    architecture bolsters an exciting urban renewal movement...

  • 17 Hotels with Amazing Art Collections
    Architectural Digest, Mar 2016
    Not just places for travelers to rest their heads, these hotels double as museums and exhibition spaces...

  • The Heart of Lisbon
    AFAR, Jan-Feb 2016
    Kalaf Epalanga, the poet and vocalist of the Portuguese-Angolan music
    group Buraka Som Sistema, shares the secrets of the Baixa neighborhood...

  • Paint the Town: Rovinj, Croatia
    Islands, Jan 2016
    This quaint seaside enclave and its surrounding archipelago became a hub for artists in the 1950s. Here's why it still draws creatives...

  • Douro Valley/Best Places to Travel in 2016
    Travel + Leisure, Dec 2015
    Portugal's Douro Valley, the stunning home of port wine, is giving travelers a reason to say awhile...

  • Zagreb/Best Places to Travel in 2016
    Travel + Leisure, Dec 2015
    Croatia’s pretty capital of Zagreb—often overlooked in the shadows of the Adriatic Coast and islands—is blossoming ...

  • Welcome to My New York
    Preferred Travel, Fall 2015
    Five New Yorkers open up their address books...

  • The Golden State's Crown Jewels
    Endless Vacation, Aug 2015
    California’s national parks celebrate three big birthdays this year...

  • 10 Can't Miss Pop-up Restaurants in 2015
    Fodors.com, May 2015
    The pop-up trend has arrived at the plate, introducing diners to one-off culinary experiences...

  • Cool Quarters: Intendente, Lisbon
    Travel + Leisure, May 2015
    Visit this fast-changing
    neighborhood now, before the throngs move in...

  • Lisbon: Little Darlings
    Travel + Leisure, May 2015
    Small plates are getting big in Lisbon...

  • Who Let the Dogs Inn?
    Every Day with Rachael Ray, May 2015
    Hey pet-setters! Tell your humans to check out -- or better yet, check in -- to these five new pet-friendly hotels...

  • A Designer's Zagreb
    New York Magazine, Apr 2015
    In Zagreb, all-white lamp shops and socialist-modernist patio bars. ...

  • Zagreb's Secret Courtyards
    BBC Travel, Mar 2015
    Head down narrow passageways and into unknown corners to discover where some of the city’s most remarkable life unfolds, away from well-trampled routes....

  • World's Most Unique Dining Experiences
    Fodors.com, Mar 2015
    Have you ever had canapés in a canopy? A feast on top of a glacier? Here are 20 one-of-a-kind culinary adventures. ...

  • World's Most Unique Concierge Services
    Fodors.com, Mar 2015
    You won't have to lift a finger thanks to these one-of-a-kind hotel offerings....

  • New Beach Getaways for 2015
    Departures, Nov 2014
    An international mix of new beachfront hotels and refurbished shorelines top our list for winter travel destinations...

  • Chew 'n' View!
    Every Day with Rachael Ray, Sep 2014
    Great food and gorgeous scenery can coexist! Meet six restaurants—half icons,
    half newcomers—that are feasts for both your eyes and your taste buds....

  • Zagreb: Centre Court
    Virgin Australia Voyeur, May 2014
    Croatia’s capital city is best explored on foot. Visit its leafy squares, buzzing markets...

  • Falling in Love, and Longing, in Lisbon
    The Washington Post, March 2014
    Her curious mission: Unlock the feeling of wistfulness that haunts her — what the Portuguese call saudade....

  • Learning to Love Zagreb
    The Washington Post, Jan 2014
    Growing up, she thought Zagreb was provincial and dull. Then she went back, and discovered a new place....

  • Cape Verde: Best of the World 2014
    National Geographic Traveler, Dec 2013
    “There in the sky you are a star / There in the sea you are a sandy seafloor / Poor country full of love,” sang Cesária Évora of her homeland, the West African island nation of Cape Verde...

  • Alentejo: Best of the World 2014
    National Geographic Traveler, Dec 2013
    Lying right below the country’s heart, Alentejo has served as Portugal’s breadbasket and seduces with its slow pace...

  • Restored Village Retreats
    Departures, Oct 2013
    These 10 luxe getaways, located in once-downtrodden towns, make a strong case for small-town living....

  • Urbanist's Lisbon
    New York Magazine, Aug 2013
    Street art, fado after-parties, and nouveau cod...

  • Zagreb's New Zing
    National Geographic Traveler, Aug 2013
    The creative class rises in Croatia's capital city...

  • The Best Place to Shop in Lisbon
    Condé Nast Traveler, July 2013
    Lisbon is rightly known as a trove of charming backstreets and terraced bistros, but none of its neighborhoods are more alive than Príncipe Real...

  • Lisbon's New Lease on Life
    Premier Traveler, June/July 2013
    A stroll through the colorful streets of Portugal’s most vibrant city, taking in both the old and the new...

  • Top Stargazing Destinations
    Departures, June 2013
    These far-flung locations show off the sky like no other places on earth...

  • Beyond the Beignets in New Orleans
    Lonely Planet, May 2013
    Championing a global outlook and a love for regional produce, NOLA’s new crop of inventive chefs serve up crisp interpretations of local staples...

  • Swaying to the Music in Cape Verde
    The Washington Post, May 2013
    The West African island nation, home to the late Cesária Évora, resounds with music wherever you go...

  • Croatia by Canoe
    New York Magazine, Apr 2013
    Bypass Croatia’s claim to fame—its 1,185 sunny islands strewn down the Adriatic Coast—and head east instead, to the aqueous wonderland where the ­Danube and Drava Rivers meet...

  • India of Light & Darkness
    Perceptive Travel, Apr 2013
    A first-time visitor taken from one beautiful place to another in the most-visited regions of India finds you're never far from the dark side...

  • Blue Danube
    National Geographic Traveler, Apr 2013
    Beyond the boating party often pegged to central Europe’s Danube River lies an Amazon-like wilderness...

  • Top Destinations for Antiques
    Departures, Apr 2013
    The thrill of the hunt makes these antiques-rich places well worth a visit, from Portugal and Paris to Cape Town and Mumbai...

  • Charting the Backwaters
    Tablet Magazine, March 2013
    In Kerala, a relatively off-the-radar sliver in the south of India, life unwinds at an easy, tropical pace...

  • 8 Reasons to Go to Portugal Now
    Fodor’s, March 2013
    The recession and rising unemployment may be grabbing the headlines in Portugal but, for visitors, there is much to lift the spirits...

  • Exclusive Backwater River Voyages
    Departures, March 2013
    Just when it seems as though all rivers have been charted, seas explored and canals crossed, secret backwaters move into the limelight...

  • Valparaiso: Best of the World 2013
    National Geographic Traveler, Dec 2012
    Generations of creative pilgrims have been hooked by Valparaíso’s weathered beauty and bohemian vibe. Travelers have followed suit...

  • Life on Mars
    Tablet Magazine, Nov 2012
    Much is made of the fact that northern Chile’s Atacama is the driest desert on earth, as though we’re in the habit of choosing destinations based on relative humidity...

  • The Ghost Towns of Northern Chile
    The Washington Post, Oct 2012
    Once bustling centers of saltpeter mining, Humberstone and Santa Laura, in the Atacama desert, now stand abandoned and forlorn...

  • In Croatia, Retreating into Her Past
    The Washington Post, July 2012
    The Washington Post, July 2012
    A visit to a Croatian dude ranch and spiritual retreat puts the author in touch with her family’s past...

  • Made in Portugal
    Conde Nast Traveler, July 2012
    Sure, it's tops for port, but Porto, the cozy town in northern Portugal's Douro River Valley takes locavorism beyond the glass...

  • Hop to It: Dalmatian Islands
    The Wall Street Journal, June 2012
    The best way to experience Croatia's Adriatic charms is to see it via the sea...

  • Take In the Culture Boom in Guimarães
    New York Magazine, Apr 2012
    Portugal’s medieval northern city has reinvented itself by turning former industrial spaces into cutting-edge arts institutions...

  • Starry-eyed in Chile’s Atacama Desert
    BBC Travel, Apr 2012
    Rare rainfall, high altitudes and low-to-zero light pollution make for a stargazing haven in Chile’s Atacama Desert...

  • Hit the Waterfront in Oslo
    New York Magazine, March 2012
    Formerly industrial neighborhoods lining the harbor are emerging as the city's cultural and culinary hubs...

  • Guimaräes’ Culture Boost
    BBC Travel, Jan 2012
    What do Guimarães in Portugal and Maribor in Slovenia have in common, apart from that most people cannot find them on a map? This year, the cities share the title of European Capital of Culture...

  • Only In...Zagreb
    The Wall Street Journal, Oct 2011
    The creative Croatian capital is where you can visit a museum dedicated to broken relationships and eat the hours-roasted ribs of a rare Istrian ox...

  • Detox in Delaware County
    New York Magazine, Sept 2011
    Head to the western Catskills to find health-conscious B&Bs, farm-to-table feasts, and eco retreats...

  • Indulge Your Inner Design Hawk in Helsinki
    New York Magazine, Jul 2011
    Explore the city’s thriving Design District and dine on modern Nordic cuisine as Finland’s creative hub gears up to become World Design Capital in 2012...

  • Tastes like Brooklyn
    Washington Flyer, March-Apr 2011
    New York's once-forgotten borough is developing quite the foodie scene - and even drawing patrons from Manhattan...

  • World's Top Spots to Sweat
    Concierge.com, Feb 2011
    Care for a little sweet steaming to ease the midwinter blues? Not only is it a surefire way to rid yourself of impurities and relax the muscles, but you might even bond with some of your fellow sweaters...

  • Discover Great Wine and Design in Porto
    New York Magazine, Feb 2011
    This picturesque city in northern Portugal is both the historic home of port wine and a nexus of cutting-edge design...

  • Falling in Love with Truffles in Istria
    The Washington Post, Nov 2010
    It's a warm afternoon in the hills of Istria. I'm munching on a sweet tartufone - a potato dumpling filled with chocolate, covered with a bechamel-chocolate sauce...

  • Toronto's Hip New Neighborhood
    BBC Travel, Nov 2010
    The creation of a cool new area often follows the same pattern: property prices rise, arty types adopt the area, gentrification kicks in and, voilà, a hip neighborhood is born...

  • Digging Treasured Truffles
    Wine Enthusiast, Nov 2010
    The world's most prized subterranean fungi are harvested in unlikely places...

  • Startas, the Communist Comeback
    Lonely Planet Magazine, Oct 2010
    As Croatia braces for entry into the EU, the country's fashions hark back to communist chic...

  • Everywhere Yugo in New York
    The Washington Post, Aug 2010
    Yugoslavia may have disappeared as a nation but its sons and daughters still come together over plates of ethnic food in New York's expat community...

  • Zagreb, Croatia's Booming Capital
    BBC Travel, Aug 2010
    A buzzing pocket-size capital on the edge of Europe, Zagreb is coming into its own with an appealing medley of contemporary and ancient...

  • Glamping
    Spa Magazine, July-Aug 2010
    It's now easy to go camping without cramping your style. Imagine upscale canvas lodgings that feature four-poster beds, sumptuous sheets, Persian rugs, and antique furniture...

  • Catching the Beat of South Africa
    Electronic Beats, Summer 2010
    To get to know the beat of a culture, you need to tune in to the rhythms of its music. In Cape Town, jazz is what makes the city tick...

  • Eight Days in South Africa
    New York Resident, May 2010
    I touched down in Johannesburg on a warm rainy evening in February. On my non-stop flight from JFK on South African Airways...

  • Have a Ball in Cape Town
    amNew York, Apr 2010
    Lifelong Cape Town resident Ronel Stevens clued us in on her “city of wonders”...

  • Medellin's Artsy Makeover
    amNew York, March 2010
    Less than a decade ago, Colombia didn't rate very high on the tourist radar. The city of Medellín, in particular, stood for fear, violence, drug cartels, kidnappings and murder. Much has changed in just a few years...

  • Romance Getaways
    Metro New York, Feb 2010
    If flowers alone this Valentine's Day won't cut it, these romantic destinations are sure to rekindle that loving spark. From the French Polynesian islands to a Southern plantation...

  • Mexico, Meet Singapore
    ShermansTravel Magazine, Fall 2009
    On the Riviera Maya, a distinctive hideaway makes a grand entrance...

  • Off the Path Jamaica
    ShermansTravel Magazine, Winter 2009
    Beyond the tourist compounds, four boutique retreats offer real local flavor in the lap of luxury...

  • New York: Empire State of Mind
    Electronic Beats, Winter 2009
    The last decade has brought a dizzying number of radical shifts and detrimental changes to the city of all cities yet the storied melting pot stands as strong and tall as its ever-changing skyline...

  • Find Your Bliss in Bora Bora
    Zink Magazine, Winter 2009
    Bora Bora may be the honeymoon escape and celebrity hideaway de rigueur but this French Polynesian island is coming into its own as a booming spa destination...

  • Looking for Africa in Lisbon
    Travels with Lonely Planet, Aug 2008
    It's a quiet night at En'Clave. As I savor a hearty meal of kalulú — a fish-and-spinach stew from the island nation of São Tome and Principe — and slowly sip on a shot of grog...

  • Iberian Odyssey