Happy 2014
Posted by | January 2, 2014
Looking back at 2013… and then forward

It was a pivotal year, yet it felt somehow quiet. Perhaps because I write this from a quiet place. But it wasn’t so most of the year. My husband &...

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Posted by | May 31, 2013
Global Glimpses: Lamu, Kenya

  In May 2011, I visited Kenya. On the 10-day sojourn, I went to three national reserves, got charged by a bull elephant, witnessed a fresh cow blood drinking ceremony...

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Posted by | May 27, 2013
Global Glimpses: Havana, Cuba

  In winter 2006, I fulfilled a long-awaited dream – I traveled to Cuba. Among the highlights was the afternoon I spent marching with the Cuban people through the streets...

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Posted by | May 24, 2013
Global Glimpses: Mexico City, Mexico

  In May 2010 I made a short three-day visit to Mexico City. I spent a Friday night in Distrito Federal with my artist friends Sandra and Pedro, who lived...

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Posted by | May 20, 2013
Global Glimpses: Willemstad, Curaçao

In February 2011, I visited Curaçao, an island-state in the southern Caribbean Sea, off the coast of Venezuela. Among the highlights was a tour of Dinah’s Botanic & Historic Garden,...

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Posted by | May 17, 2013
Global Glimpses: Las Isletas, Nicaragua

This was taken in Nicaragua, on a boat ride through Las Isletas, the 365 miniature islands next to Granada, formed 20,000 years ago by an eruption of Volcano Mombacho which...

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Posted by | May 13, 2013
Global Glimpses: Machu Picchu, Peru

  It had been my dream to visit South America for years before I finally made it in 2001. It was a three-week jaunt around Peru with a friend. Two...

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Posted by | May 10, 2013
Global Glimpses: Algarve, Portugal

  It’s no secret I love Portugal. I’ve traveled all around the country from north to south and offshore to the Azores. And I love countless things about it. Among...

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Posted by | May 6, 2013
Global Glimpses: Buenos Aires, Argentina

  In winter 2007, I followed a passion and moved to Buenos Aires for three months, to dance tango. I took private classes almost daily, went to milongas (tango salons)...

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Posted by | May 3, 2013
Global Glimpses: Flam Railway, Norway

  I snapped this photo somewhere en route from Oslo to Bergen, on the famously scenic train line that links Norway's capital with its second largest city on the southwestern...

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