Posted by | April 12, 2013
Global Glimpses: Hong Kong, China

  In March 2011, I spent a couple of days in Hong Kong en route back from Hainan Island. While there were many aspects to the city that I loved,...

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Posted by | May 8, 2011
Hong Kong at night

I loved Hong Kong's energy. Frenetic, uplifting, slightly manic, adrenaline rush-inspiring... just the way I like my cities. From the first moment I dove into its streetscapes, it felt strangely...

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Posted by | April 23, 2011
Dried Seafood Street, Hong Kong

I've been feeling sorry for this little blog. Life has taken me for such a spin work-wise that I neglected the poor thing entirely over the past few weeks. Since...

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Posted by | April 9, 2010
Guest post: China

This week, the guest post series takes us to China, for a peak at the city of Wenzhou in the country's southeastern Zhejiang province. Our guide on the journey is...

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