New York City

Posted by | September 29, 2008
How is New York feeling?

At Dumbo Art Fest yesterday, I ran into a friend I haven't seen in close to six years. Back then, we were part of a crowd that gathered around a...

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Posted by | September 12, 2008
Why I love New York

I've been back in New York for exactly a week now and it feels great! So I thought I'd share my week's events through people I met, events I attended,...

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Posted by | September 8, 2008
New York, New York

So here I am again, in the city of all cities - New York, New York. I've been away for exactly seven months, the longest stretch of absence from my...

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Posted by | February 2, 2008
Turkish Coffee

Today I was explaining to my man in Portugal how I'm starting to feel lonely on my blog. I described to him, an actor, that it was a little like...

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Posted by | January 22, 2008
Count the homeless in NYC

Hey New Yorkers out there! Aching to take a little trip and break up the long albeit pretty warm winter? Here's a little journey you can take without even leaving...

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Posted by | January 12, 2008
Visit to Beth Israel Medical

If somebody asked you the difference between travel and trip, would you say there is one? It's that same contrast between traveler and tourist, exploration and vacation, experience and tour,...

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