Global Glimpses: Lamu, Kenya


In May 2011, I visited Kenya. On the 10-day sojourn, I went to three national reserves, got charged by a bull elephant, witnessed a fresh cow blood drinking ceremony with Maasai warriors, flew on seven bush planes and co-piloted one, saw 23 lions in one day, watched the sun rise over Maasai Mara a from a hot-air balloon, visited a pre-school at a dusty Samburu village, swam in the Indian Ocean, and received an honorary Maasai name by the women’s council of a village – Naramat, ‘the one who protects’.

But perhaps the most vivid memory is of a little boy who shadowed our walk around Lamu Town on the namesake island. I had snapped a photo of him (above) at the start of our guided stroll and – the next thing you know – he followed us through the alleyways of the town until we returned to port.

** And with this look back at my little Lamu friend, I am sending Global Glimpses on summer break. Till the next posting, happy trails!

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