Little choir singer in Croatia

It’s the idea of a journey that has always allured me. The idea of diving into the unknown, be it the matters of the heart or the flesh or the word. I’ve always behaved as if I can go down any road and I will prove to myself and the world and to the road itself that it is passable. That I can catapult my ideas into reality, no matter how outrageous they may be.

When I was six, I auditioned to sing in my school’s choir. The teacher said my singing voice wasn’t good enough, which I knew was a ridiculous statement because none of our voices had yet developed at the age of six and some of my friends wailed not sang in this same choir. I found out the time of rehearsal and I simply appeared, stood in the first row facing the teacher and – sang. The teacher called my parents for a talk, and kept me in the choir. For being persistent, not for my voice. I sang for a few years, we traveled to a handful of provincial towns around Croatia and then I stopped singing. It wasn’t my medium.

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