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The original EverTheNomad blog was born in 2008 and lived happily until early 2014. It had a rich and exciting life, which featured fun series like guest posts from expats writing about their adopted homes (from Santiago to Gabon), an interview series called Local Voices Croatia and Global Glimpses that showcased snapshots and mini-stories from my travels. It supported several Passports with Purpose fundraisers, brought me many friends I still keep in touch with and provided a platform for writing whatever and however I pleased. It lives on in these pages. Please poke around.

Posted by anja | 25 March 2013 | Colombia, Ex-blog
Global Glimpses: Medellín, Colombia

  In December 2009 I visited Medellín, Colombia. I took this photo in the far northeast of the city, the barrio of Santo Domingo Savio, a hillside shantytown that used to be a no-go zone during the era of Pablo Escobar, when not even the police dared enter these gang-ruled slums. The hilly neighborhood was...

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Posted by anja | 22 March 2013 | Angola, Ex-blog
Global Glimpses: Luanda, Angola

  In February 2010 I visited Angola, my husband's homeland. On my first morning in Luanda, we headed out to Tunga N’go market, in the run-down but real-life neighborhood of Rangel. The market offered a glimpse into another world. The woman pictured above is grinding manioc into flour, which is then used to make funge,...

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Posted by anja | 18 March 2013 | Bolivia, Ex-blog
Global Glimpses: Oruro, Bolivia

  In February 2009, I spent three weeks in Bolivia on a guidebook assignment. In the unassuming Altiplano town of Oruro, I made a pitstop at Casa Arte Taller Cardozo Velasquez, private museum/studio of a local artist family. Pictured above is Gonzalo, the head of the family, whose sculptures dot the courtyard. His wife María...

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Posted by anja | 17 March 2013 | Cape Verde, Ex-blog
Global Glimpses: Brava, Cape Verde

  In November 2012, I spent three weeks island-hopping around Cape Verde, a far-out archipelago in the eastern Atlantic, on guidebook assignment. I visited eight of the nine inhabited islands, a handful of which really stirred my soul. Pictured here is the village of Fajã d'Agua on the northwestern coast of Brava, the least touristed...

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Posted by anja | 14 March 2013 | Ex-blog
Introducing: Global Glimpses

  The other day I was looking for a photograph among my online archives and realized what a great diversity of travel memories I have. If global experience could count as wealth, I'd be one of the richest people on earth. The people I've met and the sights I've seen have enriched me in ways...

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Posted by anja | 13 January 2013 | Ex-blog
Strange little anniversary

Yesterday marked a strange little anniversary: five years of my blog. Exactly five years ago, EverTheNomad.com was born. It has since gone through a few highs and lows. The highs included the weekly series of guest posts I ran a few years ago, which featured some of today’s top bloggers & writers – shout-out to...

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Posted by anja | 01 January 2013 | Ex-blog
State of the union to my peoples

So, 2013, you’re looking good to me. My gut says you’ll be grand. As for you, 2012, you’ve been... well: intense. People have been asking me where I’m from and where I live. I always say I’m from Croatia or, on more reflective days, a country that no longer exists. My answer to the second...

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Posted by anja | 27 November 2012 | Ex-blog, Nicaragua
Donate to Passports with Purpose & win a stay at Nicaragua’s dreamiest eco-lodge

The more I travel, the more travel strikes me as a huge privilege. For the vast majority of people on this planet, travel is but a far-out fantasy. Instead of planning the next trip it’s about surviving one day to the next, struggling to get what to us are basic resources. To be able to...

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Posted by anja | 15 November 2012 | Ex-blog, India
One surreal night in Jaipur

There are moments in my travel writer’s life when I feel like I’ve accidentally entered a parallel dimension. When it seems like I’m living somebody else’s life, or watching a film unroll… When I need to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming… One such night happened on my trip to India last month....

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Posted by anja | 16 September 2012 | Ex-blog
Tango, a passion resurfaced

I love it when old passions resurface. So it recently happened with one of mine: Tango. I discovered tango in 2002, when I visited Buenos Aires for the first time. After one class and frequent visits to milongas (tango salons), I knew I just had to learn this complex dance. The moment I returned to...

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