Pain in the ass, in Lisbon

After a hiatus of a few days, I am back. With a fractured bone though! Since my fall down the stairs a week ago, the pain wasn’t getting any better – rather, it got worse – so I went to the emergency room where an ex-ray showed a broken bone at the bottom of my spine. It was good luck in bad luck! If it were the bone right above, I would have had to go for surgery. As is, I need to wait for the bone to heal by itself, which may take anywhere from two weeks up to three months. Believe me, I now know a new meaning of the expression – “a pain in the ass”. Literally! I even had to get an orthopedic pillow so I can sit down for hours on end trying to meet all the many deadlines dangerously looming on the horizon.

I am going through serious ups and downs. At moments, I feel lucky the fall ended the way it did and optimistic about my quick recovery. And then waves of intense physical pain overwhelm me and I sit here in my Lisbon living room wandering how my adventurous trip turned into this absurd episode. I am mobile (but also very slow!) though so will try to venture out every now and then, after the deadline danger eases down.

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fuck sorry to hear that,
stairs are our enemies!

Yes, and I am their enemy now!

jedi puno ananasa !!! miruj i meditiraj…tvoje kosti znaju kako da se poprave…trust your biology, izbjegavaj pain killer if possible…Write a poem about tailbone! Ananas svaki dan!
🙂 Fa Mi Re La

In a show of sympathy, I slipped on some ice in Riverside Park while walking the dog.

Hope you feel better.

Hvala na savjetima, Mirela! Ananas, kazes? Probat cu. Boli me kao vrag pa moram uzimati painkillers. Ali probat cu stvarno mirovati… Previse sam se kretala pa me jos vise shteka.

Hey, Latrell’s Dad! Hope the slip on the ice wasn’t as painful as my fall down the stairs. I feel like a bit of an invalid right now but am hoping it will pass soon.

Gravity’s a bitch. Take care!

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