The Azores archipelago

The reason for my silence of the last few days – I have been in the middle of the Atlantic, on the nine-island archipelago of the Azores. I am writing this from the island of São Miguel, where I am staying at a beautiful house on the lake, Casa dos Barcos (Boat House). A heavy and incredibly windy storm has been raging outside since we arrived earlier today, cutting out electricity in and out. It really feels like the end of the world here! The Azores experience has been magical on many levels. Will write more about the highlights when I am back in Lisbon in a few days.

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wow is it expensive?
i want to stay there…

It’s really beautiful, Amila, you should check out the Azores! It’s a bit cheaper than Portugal but with the current state of the US dollar, everything in Europe is pretty pricey.

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