Posted by | March 22, 2013
Global Glimpses: Luanda, Angola

  In February 2010 I visited Angola, my husband's homeland. On my first morning in Luanda, we headed out to Tunga N’go market, in the run-down but real-life neighborhood of...

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Posted by | November 28, 2010
The double edge of travel

A few days ago, my husband posted the following photograph that I took on our trip to Angola on his Facebook page. The title he gave it was: Hope. For...

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Posted by | September 24, 2010
Guest post: Rome

In this week's (sponsored) guest post, we take a wander around Rome's piazzas. A TOUR OF ROME'S PIAZZAS All roads may lead to Rome but to be more precise, all...

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Posted by | March 30, 2010
Scenes from Angola

In February this year, I went to Angola for the first time to visit my partner's home country. We spent ten days exploring this incredible southern African land, all the...

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Posted by | March 2, 2010
The markets of Angola

I've wandered many markets of the world – strolled through the souks of Morocco, roamed the rickety stalls of Phnom Penh's Russian Market and shopped for talismans at the Witches'...

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Posted by | February 23, 2010
Smiling faces of Angola

I've returned from South Africa this morning, after a 20-day journey around Africa. Both portions of the trip – Angola and South Africa – were equally intense, in different ways....

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