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The original EverTheNomad blog was born in 2008 and lived happily until early 2014. It had a rich and exciting life, which featured fun series like guest posts from expats writing about their adopted homes (from Santiago to Gabon), an interview series called Local Voices Croatia and Global Glimpses that showcased snapshots and mini-stories from my travels. It supported several Passports with Purpose fundraisers, brought me many friends I still keep in touch with and provided a platform for writing whatever and however I pleased. It lives on in these pages. Please poke around.

Happy 2014
Posted by anja | 02 January 2014 | Ex-blog
Looking back at 2013… and then forward

It was a pivotal year, yet it felt somehow quiet. Perhaps because I write this from a quiet place. But it wasn’t so most of the year. My husband & I said hello to 2013 in a plush suite of a five-star resort, waking up to the sunshine of southern Portugal and an unobstructed view...

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Posted by anja | 31 May 2013 | Ex-blog, Kenya
Global Glimpses: Lamu, Kenya

  In May 2011, I visited Kenya. On the 10-day sojourn, I went to three national reserves, got charged by a bull elephant, witnessed a fresh cow blood drinking ceremony with Maasai warriors, flew on seven bush planes and co-piloted one, saw 23 lions in one day, watched the sun rise over Maasai Mara a...

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Posted by anja | 27 May 2013 | Cuba, Ex-blog
Global Glimpses: Havana, Cuba

  In winter 2006, I fulfilled a long-awaited dream – I traveled to Cuba. Among the highlights was the afternoon I spent marching with the Cuban people through the streets of Havana. The official reason for the protests was US tolerance of anti-Cuban terrorists on its soil but more than anything it was an excuse...

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Posted by anja | 24 May 2013 | Ex-blog, Mexico
Global Glimpses: Mexico City, Mexico

  In May 2010 I made a short three-day visit to Mexico City. I spent a Friday night in Distrito Federal with my artist friends Sandra and Pedro, who lived in the historic core of the capital, just a few blocks from the Zócalo. They took me out on a night tour of peso-for-dance halls,...

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Posted by anja | 20 May 2013 | Curacao, Ex-blog
Global Glimpses: Willemstad, Curaçao

In February 2011, I visited Curaçao, an island-state in the southern Caribbean Sea, off the coast of Venezuela. Among the highlights was a tour of Dinah’s Botanic & Historic Garden, a short drive from the capital of Willemstad. The dynamic Dinah is a treasure trove of ancient stories, healing tips and songs, passed down orally...

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Posted by anja | 17 May 2013 | Ex-blog, Nicaragua
Global Glimpses: Las Isletas, Nicaragua

This was taken in Nicaragua, on a boat ride through Las Isletas, the 365 miniature islands next to Granada, formed 20,000 years ago by an eruption of Volcano Mombacho which still looms over them. In November 2010, I spent a few days on one of these islets in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. Today, these...

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Posted by anja | 13 May 2013 | Ex-blog
Global Glimpses: Machu Picchu, Peru

  It had been my dream to visit South America for years before I finally made it in 2001. It was a three-week jaunt around Peru with a friend. Two days before our flight from Lima back to New York, en route from Aguas Calientes near Machu Picchu to Cusco, our train broke down. So...

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Posted by anja | 10 May 2013 | Ex-blog, Portugal
Global Glimpses: Algarve, Portugal

  It’s no secret I love Portugal. I’ve traveled all around the country from north to south and offshore to the Azores. And I love countless things about it. Among my favorites is the southwest coast of Alentejo and western Algarve, also known as Vicentine coast. I spent a couple of days there in October...

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Posted by anja | 06 May 2013 | Argentina, Ex-blog
Global Glimpses: Buenos Aires, Argentina

  In winter 2007, I followed a passion and moved to Buenos Aires for three months, to dance tango. I took private classes almost daily, went to milongas (tango salons) several times per week and bought no less than four pairs of tango shoes. Pictured above is a milonga at Salon Canning, in the chic...

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Posted by anja | 03 May 2013 | Ex-blog, Norway
Global Glimpses: Flam Railway, Norway

  I snapped this photo somewhere en route from Oslo to Bergen, on the famously scenic train line that links Norway's capital with its second largest city on the southwestern coast. It's one of the world’s steepest stretches of rail, with twisting tunnels that spiral in and out of the mountain. Rivers cut through deep...

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