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The other day I was looking for a photograph among my online archives and realized what a great diversity of travel memories I have. If global experience could count as wealth, I’d be one of the richest people on earth. The people I’ve met and the sights I’ve seen have enriched me in ways I never thought possible.

Because I believe in sharing wealth, rather than keeping it for yourself & yours, thought I’d start sharing my one & only treasure: snippets from my travels.

I’m calling the series Global Glimpses. Each ‘glimpse’ will contain a single photograph taken with my trusty old point-and-shoot, paired with a brief description, and sometimes a mini-story.

No fancy photography, no big narratives, no serviceable info… Instead I will be sharing simple travel memories, straight from the heart to your screens.

Global Glimpses starts tomorrow. Hope you enjoy!

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What a terrific idea! I just read the Global Glimpses above and look forward to seeing more of them.

Your thought on global experience reminds me that few things makes you richer than travel.

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