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Posted by | December 29, 2009
Beaches around the world

Today is a clear sunny day in New York but, as we say in Croatian, the sun has teeth. Translated, this means: it is freezing cold! I sit ensconced in...

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Posted by | August 31, 2009
Scenes of village life

A few days ago I returned from a family reunion at our house in the countryside of Croatia. I am still mulling over a vivid memory of my last afternoon...

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Posted by | August 24, 2009
Istria I love

I just returned from a three-day getaway in Istria with a friend and her four-year-old daughter. We based ourselves in Rovinj, known as the peninsula's most beautiful seaside town. Beautiful...

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Posted by | August 18, 2009
Croatia through Lomos

It's summertime in Croatia, the most popular time to visit one of the hippest countries in Europe. It's so fashionable, in fact, that I typically try to escape the crowds...

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Posted by | August 5, 2009
Island life in Croatia

Exactly a week has passed since I arrived to the island of Korčula in the southern Adriatic. It feels like a long month and a short-lived day at the same...

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Posted by | July 28, 2009
Summer in Croatia

I arrived to Zagreb yesterday afternoon, ran some errands in the city, saw a couple of old school mates and accidentally run into a friend whom I haven't seen since...

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Posted by | June 5, 2009
Guest post: A day in Zagreb

I was recently introduced to Blue Ink Stains, a great blog penned by Zagreb-based Neha Puntambekar. I immediately loved her writing style as well as the fact she's currently living...

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Posted by | March 30, 2009
When roots start to call

Exactly two weeks ago in Zagreb, my father passed away. It was an end of a journey, and the reason for my silence. All of a sudden, I find myself...

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Posted by | November 28, 2008
Honeymoon in Croatia

In recent months, I've received a number of emails from friends and friends of friends looking for advice on honeymooning in Croatia. So I thought a post on romantic Croatia...

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Posted by | August 25, 2008
Šipan Island near Dubrovnik

I just returned from a five-day solo hideaway on Šipan Island near Dubrovnik. I've heard about it through several friends who all brought up the island as one of the...

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