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Posted by | November 22, 2008
Passports with Purpose

Sometimes a tiny effort means the world and an amount of money small to us makes a huge difference to someone else. I find it moving when people with practically...

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Posted by | November 10, 2008
Dream destinations: Part II

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my five dream destinations. While having dinner with a friend recently at a cozy Senegalese bistro in Brooklyn, I realized the list...

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Posted by | October 27, 2008
Five dream destinations

I was at a farewell party yesterday for a friend moving back to Switzerland, in a stunning Soho apartment where one wall was adorned with Burmese drawings kept behind glass....

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Posted by | September 29, 2008
How is New York feeling?

At Dumbo Art Fest yesterday, I ran into a friend I haven't seen in close to six years. Back then, we were part of a crowd that gathered around a...

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Posted by | September 21, 2008
Riding the G train…

As I was riding the G train back from a Greenpointe party last night, an ad for Dentyne chewing gum caught my attention. Somehow it felt like a follow-up to...

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Posted by | September 19, 2008
The woes of virtual world

I've been run over by the 21st century in the last few days. It got me thinking about virtual travel, virtual friendship, virtual love, virtual sex and all those virtualities...

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Posted by | August 7, 2008
Once upon a time in Croatia…

The long silence on the blog has been due to, finally, a holiday! After a few days with old friends on the beautiful island of Korčula, where life was all...

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Posted by | July 24, 2008
The mines of Bolivia

I am not writing this from Bolivia. But in my mind, it is 2002 and I'm in this landlocked country, on a five-week research trip for The Rough Guide to...

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Posted by | June 5, 2008
War tourism

I recently returned from a five-day trip to Slavonia, a region in eastern Croatia that was one of the epicenters of the Yugoslavian civil war in the early 1990s. The...

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Posted by | May 16, 2008
Croatia: to tell or not to tell

I am writing this from a small seaside town of Punat on Krk, Croatia’s largest island. I have been quiet due to a manic work/travel schedule; and it looks like...

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