Dream destinations: Part II

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my five dream destinations. While having dinner with a friend recently at a cozy Senegalese bistro in Brooklyn, I realized the list doesn’t end at these five. So here’s part two of my dream trips!

If any of you have been to these destinations, I’d appreciate any spots or experiences you can recommend. I’d love to take notes for when these trips turn from dream to reality.

It’s the lovely and hospitable Senegalese people I’ve met around the world and the tasty food that draw me to this country in western Africa. I’ve heard wonderful things about Dakar, the capital city on the Atlantic coast, as well as the old colonial capital of Saint-Louis.

The ancient city of Petra, a World Heritage Site carved into the mountains near the eastern shores of the Dead Sea, and the desert landscapes of Wadi Rum in southwest Jordan have been on my dream list for some time now. I have a very romantic vision of traversing Jordan on a camel.

The largely unspoiled nature is what calls me to this Australian island-state, located 240 kilometres south of the eastern side of the continent. What appeals to me is the remoteness; the supposedly excellent organic dairy and wines; and the biodiversity – 37% of Tasmanian landscapes are protected!

Easter Island
I’ve seen countless photos of the monumental statues of Easter Island, a territory of Chile in southeastern Pacific Ocean, but I really want to see them live. Known locally as moai, these megaliths have been carved into the rock centuries ago by the Rapanui, the island’s native Polynesian inhabitants.

I’ve never been particularly attracted to cold destinations but Greenland, the self-governing Danish island between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, does tempt me. I’d love to visit while it’s still there – Greenland’s ice cap has been progressively melting, to the dismay of environmentalists.

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oohh…this game is so much fun! i know what you mean when you say the list doesn’t end! i just recently sorted through thousands of hotels / lodges to pick out my dream destinations. in case you’d like to see post on my Top 20 Dreamy Hotel and Lodges.
My top 5 dream destinations are: Botswana, Tanzania, Tibet, Libya…and across Africa from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean (oh ok, those are a few more countries!)

Yes, the wanderlust makes us always dream of new places! I feel that I’d need another lifetime to see all my dream destinations. I’ll check out what you’re dreaming of, Jen!

I usually have one obsession at a time and sometimes they change without fulfilling the dream. Right now I wanne go to Libya.

Great post! I’m currently dreaming about Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Damascus, Oman, San Fransisco and Turkey (among many other places)…

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