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The woes of virtual world

I’ve been run over by the 21st century in the last few days. It got me thinking about virtual travel, virtual friendship, virtual love, virtual sex and all those virtualities that make us feel closer to people and places yet they take us apart and light years away.

In this parallel universe behind our computer screens, we can do our jobs, campaign for our causes, travel through photos, become friends with people, have cybersex, fall in love, have affairs… But what I am struggling with now is – do we really connect on any meaningful level in this brave new online world? Or do we just move further and further away from one another, the real people of flesh and blood?

A slight paradox, maybe, since here I am, writing a blog post that questions the whole nature of blogging and living inside the computer. At this moment in time, I am writing because I need to purge but I am opening my heart and mind to thousands of strangers. Or maybe none, since I don’t really know who is out there reading this. Is there anybody out there? And who is it, really? Whoever you are, I’d like to touch you.

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