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Drinking coffee in Portugal

I am endlessly fascinated with different ways to drink coffee around the world. Among my favorite travel experiences is getting to know coffee variations in my host country. In Portugal, ordering your coffee just right is a form of art. Just look at the (incomplete) list below and you’ll know what I mean:

bica = a shot of espresso
café pingado = a shot of espresso with a drop of hot milk
carioca or bica fraca = a shot of espresso diluted with water
café cheio = a tall espresso
galão = a tall coffee with steamed milk served in a glass
meia de leite = a coffee with steamed milk served in a teacup
abatanado = a large weaker coffee in a teacup
mazagram = a coffee served in a glass with ice, a slice of lemon and sugar
garoto = a small coffee with a lot of milk
chávena fria = a small black coffee in a cold cup
bica com cheirinho = a small black coffee with a drop of brandy

Or you could make it a touch easier and simply say: um café, por favor!

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Meia de leite sounds perfect right about now. Caffeine is a vice I will never give up. Ever.

I hear you, Wendy. I ain’t giving up my coffee either. 🙂

I would drink a mazagrã now… Sunny Days at last.

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