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Shalom from Israel! I’m currently in Tel Aviv, busy running around on my first ever visit. While I’m gathering stories and photos for a series of Israel posts to come, I thought I’d let you know of my recent online and radio appearances.

An interview with yours truly just went live on JetSetCitizen.com. Please drop by and read what I have to say about travel writing.

Also, www.lonelyplanet.com is featuring a post about island life in Croatia that I wrote back in August. You can find it on their home page: It’s number 5 on the slideshow, entitled Five Days in Croatia. Then click on Our guidebook author’s in heaven!

I continue to write up interesting travel specials and news that I scour on my worldwide travels for ShermansTravel.com. Here’s the latest post, on a new Bora Bora opening: www.shermanstravel.com.

Last week, I was interviewed about this recent trip to Bora Bora for the KPAM 860 Travel Show with Pat Boyle, in Portland, OR. I’ve done several radio interviews for this travel show, which I hope to be posting on my website soon.

Lastly, check out my new photo galleries at What I See of EverTheNomad.com: Bosnia and Bora Bora. Israel coming up next. Shalom.

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Beautiful photos!

Bora Bora is such a picture perfect location. A travel photographer's dream.

Nice photos, thanks for tips, will check your links:) Happy traveling;)

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