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In this week’s guest post, we travel to Halmstad on the west coast of Sweden, for a walk around town with Erica of Travel Blissful, born, raised and currently living there. I can’t think of a better guide so enjoy the read!


In the hometown of Roxette and Gyllene Tider, art and design have a visible presence. Both nature and culture contribute to the city’s atmosphere – walking through Halmstad is an ideal art tour.

With its theme from Greek mythology, Carl Mille’s fountain Europa and the bull adorns Stora Torg, with Zeus as a bull abducting princess Europa. In the Picasso Park along River Nissan’s eastern beach, you can see Picasso’s 15-meter-high sculpture Female Head, put up by the Norwegian artist Carl Nesjar in 1971 after directives from the artist himself.

Continue along the river towards Halmstad City Library, awarded for its striking architecture by Schmidt, Hammer and Lassen who were inspired by the shape of several old trees still standing on the site. With books, magazines and newspapers from all around the world as well as films, CDs, video games, digital books and digital music – 260.000 media in about 50 different languages – Halmstad’s uniquely designed library offers something for everyone.

Below the part of Halmstad City Library that rests on pillars in Nissan, the floating sculpture 0 + 0 = 8 by the Swedish artist Fredrik Wretman is mirrored on the water. Created in recognition of the city’s 700th anniversary two years ago, the sculpture depicts a round ring, “0”, whose reflection shows an “8”. Another work worth admiring is Torgny Larsson’s Himmelsbåt in Filtparken not far from the library. At night, the sculpture spreads a magical blue light over the river.

In the new harbour area, Nissan Strand, a few minutes walk further north, you’ll find Ztrand, a boutique and art gallery with exclusive Swedish design. The founder Jill Jepson also sells her own furniture. Situated on Torntorget/Westerbergsgata 2, Ztrand boasts an amazing space with six-meter-high windows and an entrance facing the river.

When the hunger sets in, drop by Kafé Rotundan in Norre Katts Park, a green oasis opposite Nissan. If you prefer sushi, head to Ming Sushi located on Norra Vägen next to the park. In the evening, Trottobar and Lilla Helfwetet offer good Italian food and cozy outdoor seating by the river.

For more art, visit Mjellby Art Museum – The Halmstad Group Museum – in Söndrum. Founded by the local surrealist group Halmstadsgruppen, the museum features both national and international art exhibitions. Tres Hombres Art, the largest gallery in the Nordic region, can be found in Hotel Tylösand, 9 km from the center of Halmstad.

Apart from enjoying art, you can always do the classical things: relax on a long beach of sand dunes in Frösakull and Tylösand, catch a live band at Solgården, and have dinner in one of the restaurants on Little Square.

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I love the emphasis on unique design in Sweden. It makes it such a wonderful place to photograph.

Music is my way of getting away from everything. It means a lot to me.

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