Looking for Africa in Lisbon

I’m cheating, I admit. Since I’m crazy busy preparing for a much-needed holiday (the lovely Adriatic, here I come!), I’ve decided to recycle my own work and post a link to an article that I just published in the Travels With Lonely Planet syndicated column.

The story is about looking for Africa in Lisbon… Here’s the link, for those who’d like to read it.

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I’ve been in most of those places, and I must say you’ve captured a part of Lisbon soul.

And I like the picture, too. I can feel a taste of Berlin in it :).

Anja — that article is amazing…it inspires me that much more to go to Lisbon and discover all it has to offer. I have never been to Africa but I know that I would appreciate all of the cultural diversity the African parts of Lisbon are all about. I’ll really have to get focused on my Portuguese so that I can make my trip to Portugal both practical and fun. I certainly wouldn’t mind also exploring the Portuguese-speaking countries of Sao Tome and Principe, Cape Verde, and Mozambique — a trip like that would definitely put an interesting twist on my Portugese studies!

Thanks, Jeff! So glad you liked the article. Yes, the African community in Lisbon is fascinating. It would be nice if it were more appreciated.

what a lovely article. she’s good…

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