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Milestone in my writer’s life

Today marks a milestone in my travel writer’s life. After seven and a half years of working out of my living room (when not on the road), I just became a member of the Brooklyn Writers Space and got myself a cubicle. My very own space to write!

I’ve blogged about the extremes of travel writing, which often make me feel quite bipolar. These extremes have been on my mind for a while now so instead of mulling them over I decided to take action.

While I still may find myself glued to the computer screen in my cubicle, at least I will have a place to go to every morning, streets to walk, shops to pass and people to see. So often, when things get hectic and articles pile up to looming deadlines, I spend days on end in my apartment. On good days I don’t mind. But then there are those days when I’d love to be a “normal” person who heads to the office for their daily nine-to-five.

And, of course, there are the distractions. My mother calls, the mailman rings the bell, my husband asks me a question mid-thought, the sky that my desk faces turns beautiful and me dreamy, I get inspired to make myself a meal… and suddenly I realize that a couple of hours have passed and I’ve written: one sentence and change.

Somehow, I still managed to get by for almost eight years without missing deadlines. And I’ve built up a successful freelance career. But, with the seven-year itch making itself known, time has come for a change.

My new “office schedule” will start in late November, when I return from three upcoming trips: Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Portugal. I have ambitious plans, to sit down at my cubicle at 9am daily and work into the afternoon. Well, let’s see. It’s just great to know there’s a lovely little cube waiting for me a 20-minute walk away from my apartment, where rules are strict (no talking – yeah!) and creativity fills the air.

If somebody told me eight years ago that I’d be excited to work in a cubicle, I would have called them flat-out crazy. Funny how things change.

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Sounds lovely and am glad you are happy. But how does this work? Is it a cooperative or what?

Thanks, Trudy! It's not a cooperative – just a space with cubicles that professional writers can rent out on a quarterly basis.

Oh my gosh, that's such a great idea! Why didn't I think of this myself? Maybe I should start a business like this…LOL.

Anja, I face the same problem everyday: feeling slightly depressed and bipolar when I'm stuck at home writing while the sun just keeps shining out there. I guess it's part of the traits of being a writer. Don't you find our lifestyle very extreme – either intensive traveling, being on the road on months on end, or sitting down on your ass all day and writing our brains out? I'm loving it though! Good to hear you're making some changes to your writing life, keep us updated on how it goes. 😉

Fantastic idea Anja! Nothing like drawing a tangible line between work and home life to spur on creativity.

So does this mean you're ***gasp*** back in the cubicle? 😉

It is a great idea, Jen, right?! See if there's something similar in Toronto. If not, why not be the founder? 🙂

Glad to know you can identify, Nellie! It's always good to know there are kindred spirits out there struggling with the same issues. Makes me feel less alone.

That line is exactly what I needed, Lola! And, yes, I'll soon be back in the cubicle. Well, not exactly, but I like to put it this way. 🙂

I wish you all the best to you new life into de cublice! 🙂 And I hope you don't get very much attached to it. 🙂
See you, Raul.


Congratulations on the new writing space. Here's to the new environment spurring lots of new creative ideas.

I was thinking about doing the same, but then I realized that I have access to my law school's library as an alum. However, BK Writers Space is much closer. I live in Ft Greene; we should meet up one day!

Sounds like living hell, being stuck in a cubicle.

I love working form home and when I need a break I head off out on an adventure. Life is sweet, life has never been better for me…

A wonderful milestone! Congrats!

How exciting! I know that feeling…when our start-up company finally got office space (also after about seven years) it was a really special moment. Congrats!

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