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Multiculti Brooklyn art salon

This Saturday evening, I attended a multiculti art salon featuring the work of Gary Campbell, a dear friend and mutlitalented artist. Hosted at our friends’ beautiful Forte Greene apartment, the event attracted an eclectic mix of characters. It was a true New York gathering, people from different parts of the world and walks of life coming together to discuss art and more over wine and snacks.

After the salon, a few of us moved on to a nearby South American fusion restaurant. Gathered around the dinner table, we realized how culturally colorful we were – representing America, Guayana, Angola, South Africa, Austria, Jamaica, Iran and Croatia. And that’s exactly the beauty of New York!

I’m often guilty of complaining that New York has become too homogenous in recent years (and hence more monotone) but the Saturday soirée made me realize this city is still a miniature world. If you love the world, how can you not love this city?!

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I’m jolly glad you’re having a nice time, but I’m afraid that post comes over as extremely self satisfied and smug.

Maybe that’s part of my cultural make-up to view it in this way, but I’m not sure such an attitude is very creative or interesting.

Sorry to say..

Part of my cultural make-up is to appreciate difference so thanks for expressing your opinion!

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