Norway in a nutshell

Just yesterday, I did the famously scenic journey from Oslo to Bergen by train, boat and bus. Even though it is Norway’s most popular tourist attraction, cleverly packaged as Norway in a Nutshell, it still managed to sweep me off my feet. And it wasn’t just the fjords that floored me…

Norway’s natural beauty is of such poetic grandeur that even the most hardened traveler has to stop in her tracks, if for a second only, and pay it due respect.

As visual stimulation was the highlight of this trip, I will waste no more words. Pictures will speak instead.

Disclaimer: My trip to Norway has been sponsored by SAS and Innovation Norway.

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You got some stunning shots. Glad you enjoyed your visit up here 🙂

This is one trip I want to do in this lifetime!!! I definitely want to see the beautiful countryside, the fjords, and of course have my taste of innovative Nordic cuisine! Woo-hoo! Love your photographs.

I loved the visit, Sophie! Especially after this afternoon, when I went out into the fjord off the coast of Stavanger on a rib boat. It made me feel so small and humble next to those sheer cliffs. Gorgeous.

You must do this trip, Jen! It totally lives up to the reputation.

Love these pictures – especially the red houses. So beautiful.

Beautiful! I’ve only been to Norway once but can’t wait to go back again and probably see the fjords.

I thought the red houses were almost unreal, Jenni. Norway’s almost too picture-perfect.

You must see the fjords, Lola! In fact, I recommend going out on a boat, to get really close to them. Such an awe-inspiring and humbling experience!

I did the Hurtigruten cruise up to Spitsbergen two years ago and my friend (Norwegian) and I went over to Geirangerfjorden afterward…such a beautiful coastline and, touristy or not, I’d love to follow this same trail you took and see more of such a stunning country.

I really want to do a Hurtigruten cruise next, Kristin! That must have been an experience. The route I did was undoubtedly very touristy but stunning nonetheless. Plus it was before the peak season so not overcrowded.

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