Self-imposed travel embargo

I’ve got a confession to make: I’ve overdosed on travel. If somebody had told me that would happen a few years ago, I would have called them flat-out crazy. How could I, ever the nomad, get too much travel?

But the last couple of years of constant packing and repacking, time spent on airplanes and switching climate zones like underwear had their effect to me.

I started craving routine. Those simple things of life like waking up in my own bed night in and out, knowing where the light switch is when I wake up from a nightmare, eating well, maintaining my exercise regime at the gym, spending time with my husband and friends and working on a personal project that I’ve been postponing for too long. I started craving a “normal” person’s life.

So I came up with a solution: a self-imposed travel embargo. Yes, you’ve heard it right! I returned from St Barths exactly a week ago, with a resolution: to stay put as long as I can. For a restless wanderer like me, that’s quite a tall order.

My friends are already teasing me: “Wow, you haven’t gone anywhere one entire week?! Well done!” They just laugh in disbelief when I tell that I’m not going anywhere, indefinitely. As if I told them a good joke.

The truth is: I have no travel plans, no plane ticket in my name (that hasn’t happened in years!) and no burning desire to leave New York. In fact, I’m super happy to be staying put.

My dream life is quite telling, too. In one week only, I’ve already had a couple of travel nightmares, one about missing an airplane (and having to buy a new ticket for $1000!) and another about driving along snowy roads. So even now that I’ve decided to take a breather from perennial peregrination, travel still haunts me in my dreams.

No matter. I know this break is happening for a reason. I also don’t want to be dogmatic about it. If an ultra-lucrative assignment lands across my desk, I likely won’t be able to refuse. In the meantime, plenty of deadlines already loom on the horizon, many imposed by my editors, many by moi.

For now, I’m enjoying the journey of keeping still, as the world around me runs. Let’s see how long it lasts…

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Dear Anja,
Good luck with your projects and I wish you no more nightmares! 🙂
Regards, Raul.

Welcome home, Anja!
I know how you feel. Sometimes, I have to step away from developing clever or fancy recipes or going out to the newest hottest restaurants and I just make grilled cheeses for a week. They are always the best sandwiches.
Enjoy your sabbatical, you deserve it!

Can't wait to see how long this lasts!

Lovely piece, Mrs. Mutic. Simple, short, fun, thoughtful, great piece. Couldn't help but smile while reading it. Let's see how long land will keep you ;).

It does happen sometimes – so right to listen to your body and see what happens next. Restlessness is addictive but when you have people to love in one place it can be hard to leave them. I love the photo!

Enjoy the break, recharge, and relax!

Thank you, Raul! I doubt the nightmares will go away entirely. But to have them less frequently would be great. 🙂

I love the grilled cheese analogy, Ivy!

Remains to be seen, Wanderluster. I'll certainly keep you posted.

Thank you, Hoji, for being the constant despite all the movement.

How I wish I had all the people I love in one place, Niamh! My beloved ones are all over the world. Still, I am trying to resist restlessness and see where that takes me.

Thanks, Anil! Doing my best…

I can totally relate to this as I'm also newly married myself (just over 1 year) and I found that constant travel, especially in the first 1-2 years of marriage did nothing to nurture my relationship.

Hope you make the most of this break, catch up on assignments, and just love up on Hoji!



This self-imposed travel embargo is great, but you're gonna need a new blog name…how about "Ever the Couch Potato"? "Nevermore a Nomad"? ;}
Seriously, enjoy your exile.

Yes, Lola, very true. So I'm taking your advice and loving up on Hoji now. 🙂

That's funny, Jason. I'm not quite ready to change my identity. Let's see how long the travel embargo lasts, and then I'll revisit.

Anja, Your quest for stillness sounds wonderful. Different cycles in life, I think. Enjoy this one, while it lasts.

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