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International Traveller suitcases
For years and years, to the surprise of friends and family, I traveled all around the world with a big backpack or, on short-haul trips, a sports bag. There was a strange resistance to wheeled suitcases that I stuck to passionately and managed to keep until just a few months ago. You’ll probably ask what happened. Well, it was a fourth trip in just a few weeks and I was standing in line at the airport, with my hefty sports bag as a carry-on, when my shoulder started to hurt and it dawned on me: Time to give in.

So I spent some time researching the suitcases out there and a brand caught my eye with their funky colorful design: International Traveller. When I received three suitcases in the mail, courtesy of Landor & Hawa USA (the company behind International Traveller), I was still a little apprehensive. How would I actually feel rolling one of these things behind me around various airports worldwide? The answer is: I’ve become a rolly suitcase convert! I’m now totally in love with my International Traveller bags.

My light-green Shiny Eclipse carry-on (21″) has joined me on short trips to Mexico, London, and Brussels. I love the expander system, which has allowed me to leave New York with very few things and return with considerably more without having to buy another bag. I also like that it doesn’t require serious muscle to lift the bag and place it in the overhead bins on planes – and that’s because it’s ultra-light! Plus I’ve had lots of people, including flight attendants who see hundreds of bags daily as part of their job, compliment the coolness of the bag. And cool it really is.

Admittedly not as cool-looking but extremely practical and incredibly light is the Sub-0-G (28.5″ Roller Case 1188). This product is considered among the lightest luggage on the market; the largest of the bags only weighs a mere 6lbs. My simple black Sub-O-G traveled with me on a recent trip to Africa, for which I’ve had to pack quite a few things. I was amazed at the fact I managed to squeeze so much into this bag and was still able to lift it! This has definitely become my choice number one for longer trips. It’s light-weight, fully lined, super-strong (made using aircraft material), with rolling corner wheels for stability, and front zip storage pockets.

The third suitcase that I quickly fell in love with is my black & white Shiny Optical (24″). Just like the Shiny Eclipse carry-on, it is light, has a practical expander system and an innovative 4×4 wheel system that allows you to tow your case in three different ways. I also love the fact that the suitcase is so easy to spot – I recognize it as soon as it hits the luggage belt at airports! No surprise, the prints of International Traveller luggage are fresh, clean, sharp and fashion-forward – a truly great choice for a trendy traveler.

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Just found your blog – love it!!!

Very useful information. Thanks!

Love the look of these suitcases. They so sound very practical as well. I've used Titan during many of my past trips. I'm definitely considering testing one these instead. Especially like the sound of the Sub-0-G roller case.

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