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There are so many ways to travel the world these days. World travel has become easier than ever yet this easy access can also be overwhelming. There are too many places to go, too many spots to discover, too many people to meet, too many parks to hike, too many restaurants to eat at, too many museums to tour… and too many travel blogs to read! The choices for traveling the world, both virtually and physically, are dizzying indeed.

That’s why I present you with a great new online consortium of travel blogs handpicked by Lonely Planet for their Blogsherpa beta program. These cream-of-the-crop travel bloggers (including yours truly) syndicate their up-to-the-minute content live to the destination pages of, making light of world travel in the most inspiring of ways.

Now these top travel bloggers have banded together to bring you a complete view of the world by syndicating their content live to a Squidoo Lens. Basically, it’s one simple link, over 50 bloggers and their stories and reports fresh from various destinations around globe. Traveling the world just became easier and closer than ever, literally a click away.

So come visit World Travel and take a trip around the planet with the best of travel bloggers. I can guarantee you’ll want to pack your bags and kick off your very own world travel adventure. And that’s the idea: we want to inspire you!

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The well-travelled individual is significantly a lot more likely to accept situations which could possibly trigger major changes in their lives, also as have a significantly broader concept of the world as a whole.

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