Landed to La Paz, Bolivia

At 6.30 this morning, I landed to La Paz, Bolivia. The moment I stepped outside, I could feel the altitude high. At 3660 metres, La Paz can be quite a challenge. I started drinking coca tea from early morning on, as it really helps when dealing with the thin air. Still, walking around the steep hills of the city and feeling dizzy on altitude has been quite a trip so far. I am still adjusting, trying to breathe fully and take it easy.

That won´t last long. I am boarding a 7am bus tomorrow to the mining town of Oruro, my destination for the next three days. And then off into the wilderness – visiting indigenous communities and exploring the salt flats. I hope to update you shortly but if I’m quiet, you can safely assume I am on some very high and remote dirt road far from civilization. I will be back with stories and photos!

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You keep hearing stories of how altitude affects someone, but since I’ve never experienced it I’ve always been curious.

All the best on your photographic excursion.

Have a safe and rich trip, everthenomad.

Great to hear you from Bolivia. I hope you have a great time and hoping to see some great pictures.
Sam, TX

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