Back from Bolivia’s wilderness

The silence since my last post has been due to a very intense and busy period of guidebook research and, more importantly, being far away from civilization for a few days. I saw otherworldly landscapes of strange rock formations, brilliant salt flats, pre-Incan cave cemetaries, one-street dusty villages, quinoa fields, huge volcanoes, and multicolored lagoons. It was scary at times, as it’s easy to get stuck in the area in the rainy season, with no help around. The jeep driver seemed quite nervous navigating the dirt and rock roads full of water, which in turn made me a bit shaky. For a few hours, I had visions of getting stranded in one of the earth’s most remote areas, with the harsh summer sun beating down and only one little bottle of water left.

But all went well and I came back to the dusty frontier town of Uyuni two days ago. Tonight, I’m off to the next destination, the small town of Tupiza and its surroundings, known as the stomping ground of Butch and Cassidy. I hope to post some photos and more updates soon.

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Looking very forward to the photographic updates!

Have a safe journey, babe.

When are we going to see some photos of it?

did you try some of that coca tea for the altitude?

Photos are coming! The internet connection has been painfully slow, if existent at all.

Oh, yes, Heather! I’ve been drinking coca tea on a daily basis. In fact, I haven’t had a single cup of coffee since I arrived to Bolivia. I guess the altitude is really getting to me. 🙂

Wow! That is a beautiful picture.

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