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Turkish Coffee

Today I was explaining to my man in Portugal how I’m starting to feel lonely on my blog. I described to him, an actor, that it was a little like playing to an invisible audience. You don’t really know if anybody is seeing you up on the stage, whether anyone out there is reading… but you still continue doing your thing.

I just came back from dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant in the East Village with my dear dear friend S. We talked of her screenplay, my writing & traveling, a mutual friend, love, pride…

Earlier today, I stumbled upon a myspace blog by a man in California who found an mp3 of an old poem of mine I recorded for a radio program called Poetic Brooklyn (by Radio Poetique). It must have been 2003 or 2004 and it took place on a Sunday afternoon at Moda Cafe in Brooklyn, a then-favorite and now-defunct spot for drawn-out coffee conversations. This man, unknown to me, claimed this poem, Turkish Coffee, was “one of the best little ditties i’ve ever heard”. I absolutely love the fact this spoken verse, which I believe is a rather nervous recording that slipped my mind, is called a “dittie”, and “the best little” one at that! I personally can’t think of a cooler compliment. So, thank you, Victor Charles. I’m humbled that out there in cyberspace, a thought that exploded in my head one winter night in Brooklyn traveled to Long Beach, California a few years later and presented itself to a complete stranger. For me, Turkish Coffee packed its punch.

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just saw through technorati today that you linked me. I am honored!
Keep on posting readers will come.

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