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Thoughts as I pack in Brooklyn

I am leaving New York for five months tomorrow. As I pack for Portugal, three seasons, about seven cities, and an archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic, I am trying to remember all the things on my ‘to do’ list. Export iTunes library, backup data and sync computers, set up online payment for all bills, move things under the living room bed, and other such exciting action… I realize I forget to feel. Those among you who travel and leave places, maybe in your head only, can you relate?

Our attention has shifted to previously unknown spheres – we chat, video-conference, fly through time zones, im one another… Here I am, writing a blog. Welcome to the world of electronic passions! I am slowly starting to forget how to sense my heart beating inside my chest. I start to wonder where I stopped and the cyberworld began, and where the cyberworld began and I stopped.

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Anja, fly safely and remember the Waking life: “Remain on constant departure while always arriving”

😉 Mi Re La

Have a wonderful journey. This is a great time of year to flee NYC.
Look forward to reading about your travels.
p.s. will be linking you shortly

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