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Things I´ve learnt in Lisbon

Slowly, I am adjusting to everyday life in Lisbon. I´ve learnt a lot over the last two days – how to operate the laundry lines that grace most Lisboa windows, how to avoid dog shit that decorates every third cobblestone of the city streets, how not to get upset at the fact my wireless connection keeps on dropping in the middle of important emails that I´ve labored over substantially, how to be stoic about the fact my dental bridge fell out last night and I may have to spend way too many hundreds of euros for a replacement (the thought of the next few travel article fees going towards my missing teeth is hardly inspiration for great work), how to buckle down for an unexciting guidebook update project despite the clear skies outside my window calling me for a stroll up to Alfama or down towards the Tejo as the sun sets and I haven´t done enough work yet… So, no travel news to report yet. My ‘mini-life’ in Lisbon has just begun, in a perfectly ordinary way.

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Wow svasta se desi u dva dana, nego i meni je ispla porclanska navlaka ali sam nazvala strinu, koja je inace dental asistant, pa mi je savjetovala da uzmem u farmaciji dental cement koji je 3 i po dolara sto sam i uradila i evo ga stoji vec deset dana.
Ajde pozdrav i bas ti je dobar blog 🙂

Hvala, draga, na savjetu i positive feedbacku u vezi bloga. Evo me sjedim u suncanoj dnevnoj sobi mog divnog privremenog stancica i mislim si kako je zivot lijep. Bar mi se danas tako cini. 🙂 Velika pusa!!!

Hi, thanks for the comments. Your website looks great. I’ve never been to Lisbon.

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