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Archives from the original EverTheNomad

The original EverTheNomad blog was born in 2008 and lived happily until early 2014. It had a rich and exciting life, which featured fun series like guest posts from expats writing about their adopted homes (from Santiago to Gabon), an interview series called Local Voices Croatia and Global Glimpses that showcased snapshots and mini-stories from my travels. It supported several Passports with Purpose fundraisers, brought me many friends I still keep in touch with and provided a platform for writing whatever and however I pleased. It lives on in these pages. Please poke around.

Posted by anja | 04 May 2012 | Croatia, Ex-blog
Local Voices Croatia: Siniša Matković-Mikulčić, Secret Hvar

I met Siniša Matković-Mikulčić, founder and owner of Secret Hvar travel agency, a few summers ago when a friend introduced us during my research jaunt on the island. Siniša took me to hidden spots I never knew existed, even though I spent several summers vacationing on Hvar in the 1990s. I could tell he loved...

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Posted by anja | 27 April 2012 | Croatia, Ex-blog
Local Voices Croatia: Iva & Vanja, Kuchica

Kuchica is Croatia's coolest little house. Literally: Kućica means little house in Croatian, and this little house's cool. I fell in love with this rural retreat close to Zagreb when I first "discovered" it through word of mouth a couple of years ago. The owners, Ivana Boras and Vanja Blumenšajn, both work in advertising in...

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Posted by anja | 20 April 2012 | Croatia, Ex-blog
Local Voices Croatia: Mika Buljević, Booksa

For full disclosure, I love Booksa (Martićeva 14d; closed Mondays). I had my first - and only - poetry reading in Croatia in this cafe-literary club back in 2004 so it's a link to fond memories. Plus it happens to be my neighborhood haunt; I live nearby when in Zagreb. All that aside, Booksa is...

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Posted by anja | 13 April 2012 | Croatia, Ex-blog
Local Voices Croatia: Dunja Janković, ŠKVER!

Dunja Janković is the force behind ŠKVER!, an experimental and fringe art festival taking place each summer in and around the shipyards of Mali Lošinj, a town on the island of Lošinj. Dunja has been publishing comics and illustrations in various magazines for the last ten years and has had her work exhibited in countries...

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Posted by anja | 09 April 2012 | Croatia, Ex-blog
Introducing Local Voices Croatia

There’s been a long silence on this blog. I won’t go into what has caused the pause. You likely know the spiel: lack of time, need for cash=taking on too much work, a bit of a blog burnout… The usual combo that makes many a blog bite the dust. But this blog is back and...

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Posted by anja | 31 December 2011 | Ex-blog
Looking back at 2011

As I sit down to reflect on 2011, I realize what a ride it's been. The first adventurous thing was actually staying put in New York for nearly three winter months in a row – a self-imposed travel embargo that gave me insight into what it’s like to lead a “normal” life. I quite enjoyed...

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Posted by anja | 08 December 2011 | Ex-blog
Different train of thought

Few of you would have noticed I’ve decreased my blogging activities in recent months. I say few because I don’t do much for you and in return you don’t stop by my blog no more. Figures. I haven’t been a good neighbor, in the lingo of a social media guru I heard speak at a...

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Posted by anja | 17 October 2011 | Ex-blog, Portugal
Casas Brancas of Portugal

It's no secret I love Portugal. I've traveled all around the country from north to south and offshore to the Azores. And I love countless things about it. My latest favorite, after a recent weekend spent there, is the southwest coast of Alentejo and western Algarve, also known as Vicentine coast. I spent a couple...

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Posted by anja | 19 September 2011 | Ex-blog
Loch hopping around Scotland

Dear readers, please note that this is a sponsored post, for a UK-based travel company. Hey, a girl's gotta live – and travel! Loch Ness and Nessie are probably the first things that come to mind when the word loch is mentioned. So it was for me when I first visited Scotland back in the...

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Posted by anja | 11 September 2011 | Ex-blog, New York City
New York in pictures

I moved to New York in September 1999. Twelve years later, I am still here. It flew by, this New York minute. During these dozen years, a lot happened. In my own life, this city and the world. Loves, breakups, September 11, a divorce, various apartments, deaths of loved ones, visitors, the blackout of 2003,...

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