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Archives from the original EverTheNomad

The original EverTheNomad blog was born in 2008 and lived happily until early 2014. It had a rich and exciting life, which featured fun series like guest posts from expats writing about their adopted homes (from Santiago to Gabon), an interview series called Local Voices Croatia and Global Glimpses that showcased snapshots and mini-stories from my travels. It supported several Passports with Purpose fundraisers, brought me many friends I still keep in touch with and provided a platform for writing whatever and however I pleased. It lives on in these pages. Please poke around.

Posted by anja | 29 August 2011 | Ex-blog, Peru
South America on my mind

Last night, while going through old letters, photos and random items from my past, I came across these photographs taken on my first trip to South America, back in 2001. It was a three-week jaunt around Peru with a friend. Two days before our flight from Lima back to New York, en route from Aguas...

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Posted by anja | 09 August 2011 | Croatia, Ex-blog
Poklek, my ancestral home in Croatia

Today I think of roots. I think of Poklek, my ancestral home in the countryside of Croatia. This hideaway is located in the pretty village of Zagorska Sela, an hour away from Zagreb, right on the border with Slovenia (a spitting distance from the EU - and yet still so far away). A couple of...

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Posted by anja | 18 July 2011 | Ex-blog, New York City
Soul Summit in Ft Greene Park

I returned to New York on Friday, right in time to enjoy the peak of summer fun. The video below, taken yesterday as my husband and I boogied away at Soul Summit in Fort Greene Park, is an example of why I love summer in the city. These great daytime parties take place on select...

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Posted by anja | 12 July 2011 | Croatia, Ex-blog
Croatian summer blues

I've been in Croatia for nearly a month now, where a mix of work, writing deadlines and family obligations has kept me away from the blog. But as I wrap up here in Zagreb, preparing for my return to New York later this week, I realize I am starting to feel the Croatian summer blues....

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Posted by anja | 09 June 2011 | Ex-blog, Kenya
How Kenya stirred my soul

I returned from a trip to Kenya early Monday morning. Since the moment the plane touched down at JFK, I’ve been struggling to find the appropriate words to describe the whirlwind journey. Friends and family have been asking me about the trip and the most I can muster is: extraordinary, amazing, unforgettable… A friend asked...

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Posted by anja | 21 May 2011 | Ex-blog, Finland
My first Finnish sauna

Sauna is seen as a sacred place in Finland, where babies were once born and ailments treated. Finns still take their sweating needs seriously - there are two million saunas in this country of five million. No wonder Finland is home to the International Sauna Society. Going to sauna in Finland is such an inherent...

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Posted by anja | 13 May 2011 | Ex-blog, Norway
Norway in a nutshell

Just yesterday, I did the famously scenic journey from Oslo to Bergen by train, boat and bus. Even though it is Norway's most popular tourist attraction, cleverly packaged as Norway in a Nutshell, it still managed to sweep me off my feet. And it wasn't just the fjords that floored me... Norway's natural beauty is...

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Posted by anja | 08 May 2011 | China, Ex-blog
Hong Kong at night

I loved Hong Kong's energy. Frenetic, uplifting, slightly manic, adrenaline rush-inspiring... just the way I like my cities. From the first moment I dove into its streetscapes, it felt strangely familiar, despite the fact I have never been before. When I later heard someone refer to it as "the New York of Asia", it all...

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Posted by anja | 01 May 2011 | Ex-blog, Uganda
Journey to Ikland

I love unexpected journeys. Those unscripted detours that happen out of the blue. Like taking a turn off a familiar road and discovering a new part of town you’ve never strolled before. When my friend David said he was sending me the documentary that he’d just finished editing, about a tribe in northern Uganda, I...

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Posted by anja | 23 April 2011 | China, Ex-blog
Dried Seafood Street, Hong Kong

I've been feeling sorry for this little blog. Life has taken me for such a spin work-wise that I neglected the poor thing entirely over the past few weeks. Since it's high time to say hello to those who do drop by, thought I'd share a post about my most recent trip, to Hong Kong....

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