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Archives from the original EverTheNomad

The original EverTheNomad blog was born in 2008 and lived happily until early 2014. It had a rich and exciting life, which featured fun series like guest posts from expats writing about their adopted homes (from Santiago to Gabon), an interview series called Local Voices Croatia and Global Glimpses that showcased snapshots and mini-stories from my travels. It supported several Passports with Purpose fundraisers, brought me many friends I still keep in touch with and provided a platform for writing whatever and however I pleased. It lives on in these pages. Please poke around.

Posted by anja | 29 September 2008 | Ex-blog, New York City, travel musings
How is New York feeling?

At Dumbo Art Fest yesterday, I ran into a friend I haven't seen in close to six years. Back then, we were part of a crowd that gathered around a funky little cafe-bar in Park Slope called Bergen Beats. It was a fun time, with all sorts of interesting characters who seem to have poured...

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Posted by anja | 21 September 2008 | Ex-blog, travel musings
Riding the G train…

As I was riding the G train back from a Greenpointe party last night, an ad for Dentyne chewing gum caught my attention. Somehow it felt like a follow-up to yesterday's post. "Power down. Log off. Unplug. Have mercy on your thumbs. Browse the world wide something else. Send some not-so-instant messages. Undo. Hit cancel....

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Posted by anja | 19 September 2008 | Ex-blog, travel musings
The woes of virtual world

I've been run over by the 21st century in the last few days. It got me thinking about virtual travel, virtual friendship, virtual love, virtual sex and all those virtualities that make us feel closer to people and places yet they take us apart and light years away. In this parallel universe behind our computer...

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Posted by anja | 12 September 2008 | Ex-blog, New York City
Why I love New York

I've been back in New York for exactly a week now and it feels great! So I thought I'd share my week's events through people I met, events I attended, and places I went to. After reading, maybe you'll gather why I love New York... I'll start with last Sunday, a gorgeous warm day of...

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Posted by anja | 08 September 2008 | Ex-blog, New York City
New York, New York

So here I am again, in the city of all cities - New York, New York. I've been away for exactly seven months, the longest stretch of absence from my adopted home since I've moved here in 1999. A friend asked me yesterday: "How was your trip?" I answered: "Can you call it a trip...

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Posted by anja | 25 August 2008 | Croatia, Ex-blog
Šipan Island near Dubrovnik

I just returned from a five-day solo hideaway on Šipan Island near Dubrovnik. I've heard about it through several friends who all brought up the island as one of the least spoiled spots along the Adriatic coast. So I decided to see for myself. During the peak summer season - that is, July and August...

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Posted by anja | 15 August 2008 | Croatia, Ex-blog
Top ten things to eat in Croatia

Yesterday, as part of a family summer tradition, we made a dinner outing to a nearby roadside restaurant that specializes in lamb and suckling pig. This inspired me to think of my favorite Croatian dishes, the things I crave the moment I get off the plane. So here's my top ten, a mix of continental...

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Posted by anja | 07 August 2008 | Croatia, Ex-blog, travel musings
Once upon a time in Croatia…

The long silence on the blog has been due to, finally, a holiday! After a few days with old friends on the beautiful island of Korčula, where life was all about fresh seafood, morning and afternoon swims, napping in a hammock underneath tall pine trees, with clear-blue sea just beneath and crickets chirping at midday,...

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Posted by anja | 30 July 2008 | Ex-blog, Lisbon
Looking for Africa in Lisbon

I'm cheating, I admit. Since I'm crazy busy preparing for a much-needed holiday (the lovely Adriatic, here I come!), I've decided to recycle my own work and post a link to an article that I just published in the Travels With Lonely Planet syndicated column. The story is about looking for Africa in Lisbon... Here's...

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Posted by anja | 24 July 2008 | Bolivia, Ex-blog, travel musings
The mines of Bolivia

I am not writing this from Bolivia. But in my mind, it is 2002 and I'm in this landlocked country, on a five-week research trip for The Rough Guide to South America. It was my first travel writing gig, so I rushed from the Amazon to the Altiplano, trying to cover as much ground as...

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